Sally McGuire                       Gifted Caribbean Author and Entrepreneur

It is a great privilege of mine to share a friendship with Miss Sally McGuire, who is not only an awesome friend, but a fascinating author and innovative entrepreneur as well. Born and raised in Grenada, Sally became obsessed with reading at an early age. She discovered excitement in books and would sometimes feel that she could of written some of those books better than their original authors. Parts of Sally’s days growing up were spent creating stories and imaginative events in her head. At only 18 Sally became a teacher but wanted more out of life than her spice island could offer. By age 21 Sally had acquired a US Visa and had set sights on New York in search of bigger opportunities, despite disapproval from family members. Sally had no family in New York but was not afraid to venture out on her own.

Upon arrival Sally stayed with a family friend but had to learn the ropes all on her own. Sally found work within two weeks and was able to move out on her own within two months. Sally soon began college but never lost her passion for writing. After her son’s birth Sally decided that she would get more serious about her writing. She began sharing her ideas with friends only to be met with discouragement and ridicule. Sally decided that she was not going to discuss her writing with anyone else because she did not want to get discouraged. Sally then completed her first book called “Destined to Love”. It was quite a successful moment for Sally, however she had little to no knowledge of the editing and publishing process. Nevertheless, Sally did what she had to do and eventually got her first book published.

Destined to Love by Sally McGuire McGuire available on Amazon

After publishing her first book, Sally became ripe with the feeling of achievement. However, little did Sally know that her work had just begun. Sally hardly knew anyone and had to find ways to promote her book herself. Eventually her hard work paid off and she gained recognition in the Caribbean and was mentioned by one of the newspapers in Grenada, her home land. Sally didn’t stop there and soon after published her second book “Forever Yours”.

Forever Yours by Sally McGuire available on Amazon

I can attest to the intrigue of the books because both books are very hard to put down after beginning to read them. I’m personally not a fan of romantic novels but the stories were quite captivating. I had to ask Sally why she was so inspired to write romantic novels and she replied that love is something pure, and despite the dark side of love, meaning the infidelity, the heartaches, the violence and such, she wants to give people hope that true love is still out there. Sally also had a passion for writing children’s novels, due to the close relationship she had with her son. She soon published “A Heart of Gold” and began a children’s series which she is still currently working on.

A Heart of Gold by Sally McGuire available on Amazon

Aside from being an Author Sally also had a passion for modeling and soon collaborated with a friend to launch an online swimsuit boutique called Sextife Swimwear which is based in Grenada.

To learn more about Sally visit and look out for her fan page on Facebook and Instagram. Also check out for a full list of Sally’s books up for Sale.

Harriman State Park

Normally when people imagine New York they usually see flashing bright lights and tall sky scrapers, or maybe even some subway rats. However there are expeditions waiting to be held. Take a trip to Sloatsburg New York in search of Harriman State Park. The hike alongside the river sounded like symphony compared to those noisy sirens in the city.

The air was so fresh I wished that I had two extra lungs to store and carry the air back with me. I was surrounded by wild life. I could feel their presence. But they were feeling shy that day.
There is something hiding in that tree.
Maybe I’ll return for a swim in the summer.

The Ceiling

One day I was chatting with an old friend and I asked her what she was doing. She said that she was just laying in bed staring at the ceiling. “What are you looking for up there” I asked, and she replied that she was looking for money. She said to me that she had a dream that she became rich. So I told her that she just might become rich, but in the meantime just be grateful for what she has because some people don’t even have a ceiling to stare at. We tend to put so much emphasis on what we want to attain that we forget to appreciate what we already have.

Dr. Robert Drazic      Innovative Orthopedic Surgeon

After hearing several positive reviews about Dr. Robert Drazic, I was quite pleased to have gotten the opportunity to speak with the doctor in person. Dr. Drazic is an orthopedic surgeon based in New York who specializes in surgical treatment of skeletal extremities such as shoulders, knees, ankles etc., also offering non- surgical treatment of the cervical and lumbar spine. Drazic graduated from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1994. When asked why was orthopedics his choice of specialty the doctor simply explained that orthopedics involved “fixing” problems, where as other fields of medicine dealing with diseases such as cancer or diabetes focus mainly on mitigating or controlling symptoms rather than fixing them.

I asked Dr. Drazic what were his views on the advancement of orthopedic surgery over the years. Dr. Drazic seems to share similar views to another orthopedic doctor of whom I have spoken to in the past, Dr. Alexios Apazadis. They agree that orthopedic surgery has came a long way, mainly due to advancements in tools and technology. What would require major incisions and longer recovery time in the past can now be fixed with much smaller incisions and significantly less recovery time. One thing that I personally respected about Dr. Drazic was the transparency that he gave to his patients. Dr. Drazic would literally draw an image of a shoulder on a piece of paper to demonstrate how an arthroscopy is done. Patients would find comfort in this transparency and would ease the “fear of the unknown,” as Dr. Drazic called it.

Ragged Mountain Memorial Preserve

In case you wake up on the daring side of the bed one morning, take a trip to New England in search of the Ragged Mountain Memorial Preserve. Just make sure to pack your stamina and some comfortable hiking shoes and please leave all your fears at your home. Not only will you walk on the edge of a breathtaking cliff, you may just encounter a few small black snakes on the hike up to the top. But the snakes are the least of your worries, for they are easily frightened and may disappear under the bushes before you can even snap a picture. The real task is to avoid getting lost on the hour long hike from the base of the preserve to the top of the cliff where the orgasmic view may have you thanking yourself for not turning back halfway through. No need for panic however, because the trail is marked by slightly painted trees that are colour coordinated, and all you have to do is follow the blue. I somehow still managed to get lost en route to the top but I was able to find my way back to the trail using my animalistic senses. Overall, it was an amazing hike.

Lovers Leap State Park

Imagine sitting on the edge of a cliff with nature’s glory at your back. Majestic… one of the only words in my vocabulary that properly describes that scene. Lovers Leap State Park is located in Litchfield county in Connecticut. The park offers a scenic hike that leads up to an astonishing view of the Housatonic River. The actual hike is no more than 15 minutes from the base to the top of the leap, and the trail is only slightly sloped so it can almost be considered a stroll rather than a hike. However, do not let the name deceive you. Lovers Leap, though it may attract a lot of lovers, I would not advise anyone to leap. Enjoy the view and hold on to your hat.
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